Well its been up a while now and the sets are filling up nicely, with some new images and uploads- what do you all reckon, let me know via the contact section.

If you dont want to go thru all the thumbnails then just go straight to the albums .

new updates include the final run of the Kensington St images, general Brighton images, a couple of Christmas shots and the beginning of the series of Long Exposure images.

The long exposure images will be taking up a lot of my time- I am working on more at the minute. They are all shot in complete darkness, lit by light from a moving source, the idea is that by having to stay still for so long and not being able to see the camera the subject will get more involved in the portrait process than if I was firing studio lights and freezing them in position. They hopefully ask something different of the viewer as well. Anyway more to come soon...

I am working full time in a studio for the next month or so, but if you do get in touch I will try to get back to you soon, thanks for all the great comments so far. big it, DarkDaze.......

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New Website

Ease back cos this is the first news update and it might be long people...

So it's back, due to the mysterious sleight of hand magic from the man we know as delarge, the once neglected and sickly beast that was the stagnant old site has been checked into rehab and emerged blinking into a world that urgently needs another website. I am stoked to have a site that I can update regular like and so keep checking back cos I got some serious back log of images to upload.

I was smashing flash bulbs back when most of the world was still arguing over SNES and MegaDrive, thats a long time to build skills. So have a look in the site and see where it got me... Fresh live shots from the End Of the Road festival, Brighton Live, a Radio1 session at maida vale with the Blood Red Shoes, Brighton Hip Hop festival - its all in there. Plus the standard is raised again; the best Graff photography in the UK, fresh from an exhibition with the legendary Martha Cooper - big love to the Fam. If you're still reading this, I put up some personal New York shots and some fresh girls pics too - hot, zinging hot....

Check back soon for the eye bursting project that goes under the working title "Guns, Gore and Girls"- believe me its, adopts fake london accent "heavy blaaad...!" One love, and we be back... DarkDaze.

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Long Exposure Portraits

» Long Exposure Portraits

These images are shot in total darkness, and lit by the light from...


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An overview of some of my work- or favourite shots. ...

Music Promo and Portraits

» Music Promo and Portraits

A choice selection of Music Shots from Gigs, Studio Sessions and promo shoots-...

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